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Featured Vehicles

Fire Fighting

The TOMCAR® Fire Fighting vehicle is a unique, versatile platform that combines superior off road performance, over 100% payload and a high energy, compressed foam system technology, delivering 1,200 gallons of finished foam while traveling on extreme terrain.


The TOMCAR® is an extremely durable vehicle designed to perform under the most extreme conditions and survive in highly destructive environments that would wear out and corrode other utility vehicles. TOMCAR’s custom mining vehicles offer a lifetime frame warranty, optional 100% electric drive and a large variety of mining safety and custom equipment.

Ranching & Farming

When it comes to ranching and farming, no utility vehicle offers the performance and durability of a TOMCAR® with unmatched payload, long range capabilities, passenger comfort and durability. The TOMCAR is the ideal platform for the industry diverse needs, ranging anywhere from the spraying of crops to fence maintenance and repairs to the safe transportation of livestock.


TOMCARs have been consistently been used in eco-touring operators for over 2 decades. The safest vehicle in its class, TOMCAR is ideal for novice drivers, families and expert outfitters alike. Currently offering the only commercial grade full 6 seater, 100% Electric and the most cost effective fleet packages in the market.

Water Purification

The TOMCAR® water purification vehicle is a unique, independent, integrated water purification system designed to produce high quality drinking water per World Health Organization standards. The vehicle can purify clean water from to any available water source (rivers, lakes, oceans, brackish water, wells, etc) at a capacity of 22,000 GPD (5,500 GPD sea water).

Ultra Light Tactical

The Tomcar TE-64 platform is a disruptive, highly versatile, tactical platform. The vehicle offers full time 4X4, gas and/or electric hybrid drive enabling over 600 miles operational range (60 miles in “stealth” mode), over 100% high payload and up to 9 person seating capacity.



The TOMCAR® has always been, and always will be, a military vehicle at heart. Developed to be parachuted out of military aircraft for use in a variety of combat applications, the TOMCAR® is an extremely lightweight, durable and highly maneuverable all-terrain vehicle that can handle almost any type of assignment.


TOMCAR® is a highly functional, extremely durable and surprisingly versatile machine ideal for commercial use under the most demanding conditions. Unlike any other utility or side-by-side vehicle on the market, TOMCAR® was originally designed as a military operations vehicle, not as a consumer toy.


TOMCAR® has become an extremely popular recreational vehicle for the American consumer – and with good reason. TOMCAR® is safe, affordable and really, really fun. It has an impeccable safety record and is designed to be very easy to operate for drivers of all ages and experience levels.


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