Tomcar TM5 looks ready for anything:

The Tomcar TM5 looks ready for anything, according to Lucas Cooney, editor-in-chief, “Is this the toughest UTV around?” Cooney asks in a review published Jan. 18, 2017. Cooney checked…

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Tomcar completes special fire-suppression vehicle order

Tomcar completed a special fire-suppression vehicle shipment from its manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Ariz., Feb. 16, 2016. The versatile fire-fighting vehicle combines superior off-road performance and dual firefighting capabilities. The vehicle carries both…

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Celebrating 25 Years!

Phoenix-based TOMCAR Holding Company, LLC (TOMCAR LLC), which produces high-end all-terrain vehicles for military, commercial and personal use, is celebrating its 25th year poised for radical growth. For the first…

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