Tomcar offers stable, reliable platform for film production

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Tomcar offers a superbly smooth, dependably quiet and robust, heavy-duty electric mobile platform for the film production industry. Los Angeles-based CineMoves, one of the leading camera movement companies in the world and early adaptors of Tomcar’s electric vehicles, continues to market Tomcar vehicles as a flexible, multi-purpose base for its movie production vehicles.

The Tomcar’s low center of gravity, four-wheel independent suspension and four-point safety harnesses help to make it one of the safest off-road vehicles to drive. And with 15 inches of ground clearance and a tuned coil-over-gas Fox suspension, the Tomcar is by far the smoothest riding off-road vehicle in the entertainment industry.

A CineMoves mobile film production vehicle, built on a Tomcar platform, operates on location near the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Calif.

Tomcar offers an uncompromising, stable and durable platform on with to mount multi-million-dollar camera and sound equipment, while keeping film crew members and equipment safe. Tomcar’s electrical vehicles operate with very little sound and allow film and video production companies to safely continue shooting inside sound stages and indoor sets, where gas and diesel-powered vehicles are not allowed, saving valuable production time.

CineMoves offers Tomcar gas or electric-powered models fully loaded with either a Russian Arm or a pole mount for camera equipment.

About Tomcar  LLC

Since 1991, Tomcar LLC has been developing ultra-durable and highly functional off-road vehicles for a wide range of industries. Its North America headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Phoenix, Ariz.

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