Commercial Vehicles

TOMCAR® is a highly functional, extremely durable and surprisingly versatile machine ideal for commercial use under the most demanding conditions. Unlike any other utility or side-by-side vehicle on the market, TOMCAR® was originally designed as a military operations vehicle, not as a consumer toy. It is therefore able to withstand continual use over the toughest terrain and under the most abusive conditions, making it an ideal vehicle for all types of commercial applications. In fact, operators working in a wide variety of commercial industries have found TOMCAR® ‘s unique specifications and capabilities perfectly suited to their needs, including:




Ranching and Farming

Water Purification

Search and Rescue

TOMCAR® provides the ideal platform for high-payload, long-range operations in extreme terrain and remote locations. It is versatile enough to be customized to handle almost any type of job—something you simply won’t find with any other UTV or SxS vehicle.

Save time and money with TOMCAR®. This vehicle was designed to be serviced in the field, saving you valuable time by not having to send vehicles off site for maintenance and repairs. All of the major components of TOMCAR® are symmetrical, meaning they are interchangeable and will fit on the right or left side of the vehicle—effectively cutting in half the inventory you need to have on hand. What’s more, the parts can be quickly replaced in the field and are easy to maintain—resulting in a dramatic reduction in vehicle downtime.

Once the TOMCAR® gets to work, it simply never wants to quit. Simply put, TOMCAR® will be the most reliable employee you’ll ever hire.