Engineered Like no Other

Over 3 Decades of Engineering Expertise

Today’s TOMCAR® is the product of more than three decades of engineering expertise. It began life as the solution to a military need for an off-road vehicle that was smaller than a conventional sport utility vehicle yet faster, safer and more nimble than other ATVs on the market. The vehicle had to be agile enough to scale stony hillsides, tall enough to float over rocks and debris, simple to drive and durable enough to stand up to brutal climates.

TOMCAR® met these challenges and more with a unique design that combines the most desirable attributes of a go-anywhere vehicle; short wheel base, long suspension travel, a low center of gravity and high ground clearance. Now hand assembled in America with the highest quality materials, TOMCAR® brings to commercial and recreational buyers the only vehicle of its type that is engineered to military specifications, designed to last and simple to drive.

The Frame

TOMCAR’S frame is made of oversized, high-grade steel, fulle welded to create an armored cocoon that can protect occupants from injury.

The Skid Plate

The flat, single-piece, aircraft -grade aluminum skid plate protects the vehicle’s entire underside from rocks and stumps.

Under The Hood

TOMCAR is equipped with a 4 cylinder, rear-mounted gas, diesel, or electric engine.

The drive train utilizes a Continuously Variable Transmission, which is a completely sealed unit but with the drive belt exposed.

The rear swing arms contain double roller chains in an oil bath encased in armored steel.


TOMCAR’s suspension is a fully independent front rear with dual coil, infinitely adjustable hydraulic shocks.

Ground Clearance

With TOMCAR’s whopping 15” of ground clearance, this vehicle is tall enough to float over rocks and debris yet still agile enough to scale stony hillsides.


TOMCAR doesn’t mess around when it comes to you hauling your stuff. TOMCAR boasts the highest payload in its class over 100% or 2000 lbs (TM 5 models)*payload

Safety & Satability

TOMCAR is designed with an extremely low center of gravity while maintain a high ground clearance and long suspension travel. This unique combination dramatically lowers the chances of roll over.