Tomcar Mining Vehicles

Mining is a one of the most demanding industries due to its extremely tough operating conditions, constant abuse and the need for absolute minimum equipment downtime. The TOMCAR® is the most durable product in the market designed to last decades above or under ground while operating under the most extreme conditions.

Unique Featues

  • Fully welded high-grade steel frame with unmatched Life time warranty
  • All models available in 1400cc diesel engine or 100% electric, 86V motor/17KWH battery pack
  • Unmatched safety, payload, towing and passenger comfort.
  • Full frame meets ROPS as well as ISO 3471:2008 and ANSI-ROHVA-12011 standards
  • Adjustable dual-coil hydraulic shocks for a smooth ride.
  • High ground clearance for optimal maneuverability over rough terrain
  • Pneumatic load compensators for improved balance
  • Superior payload and towing capacity

Maintain & Repair on site

Vehicle’s skid plate is one solid plate of aircraft grade steel, which protects the entire underside of the vehicle and the driver from getting damaged or caught on rocks, etc.

Most major components on the TOMCAR® are symmetrical – able to fit on either the right or left side of the vehicle allowing much lower inventory levels simplicity in maintenance.

All major components are renewable and repairable (by operator or through our company)– drastically reducing the overall cost of maintenance.

Free on site mechanic training, customized maintenance programs, inventory optimization and unlimited, 100% parts renewal/recondition program.

Customize Your Tomcar

  • Canopy And Custom Metal Roof
  • Full Doors (For A Fully Enclosed Cabin)
  • Cabin Heater With Defrost System
  • Second Fuel Tank With Valve Selector
  • Led 90w Light Bar
  • Led Strobe Light
  • Led Headlights / Taillights
  • Rib Light
  • Block Heater
  • Back-up Alarm
  • Half Windshield – Plexiglas
  • Engine Hour Meter
  • Governed Speed To Not Exceed A Set Mhp
  • Kill-switch Ignition
  • Fire Extinguisher / Suppression System
  • Engine Guards