New 4×4 TOMCAR TE 6 Multipurpose Missile System Launched

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has finalized development of a new lightweight, vehicle-integrated evolution of its SPARC trailer-mounted and remote-controlled launch system for the Spike non-line-of-sight (NLOS) multipurpose tactical missile.

Spike NLOS is a multi-purpose precision-guided missile system equipped with a dual-mode electro-optical (EO)/infrared (IR) seeker and a real-time encrypted radio frequency (RF) two-way datalink. With a stated maximum range of 30 km, the missile can be equipped with three warhead options: tandem high explosive anti-tank (HEAT), penetrating blast fragmentation (PBF), and fragmentation.

Developed in response to requests from undisclosed special forces customers, the new Spike NLOS Modular Launcher is an adaptable, palletized, stand-off launch system specifically configured for light rapid response, all-terrain-type vehicles— typically deployed as an air portable capability—by reconnaissance units and special forces.

For more information, see Rafael Unveils Spike NLOS Modular Launcher Development, published July 3, 2018, in IHS Jane’s Missiles & Rockets.