Recoil Magazine editor takes an off-road spin in the desert in Tomcar

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Ian Harrison, editor of Recoil Magazine (pictured on left) visits with Ram Zarchi, CEO, Tomcar, at the off-road vehicle maker’s North American headquarters and manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Ariz., after taking a spin in a Tomcar March 7, 2017.

Recoil is a publication dedicated to the modern shooting enthusiast, featuring everything from watches and survival equipment to vehicles that appeal to the modern shooter’s lifestyle. The magazine features interviews of industry leading manufacturers so readers will be able to have glimpse inside their world and find out what drives them.

The magazine published “2009 Tomcar TM5 — Dirty Deeds: From Desert Dunes to Asphalt Jungles, the Tomcar Proves that Big Things Come in Small Packages,” Aug. 16, 2016.


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