Security & Patrol

Originally designed to patrol long distances, the TOMCAR® can withstand continual use over extended periods of time in extremely harsh terrain. The TOMCAR® is used by military and police forces around the world to perform a variety of different types of security and patrol duties, including:

  • Border patrol
  • Combat patrol
  • Military police (MP) duty
  • Prison guard duty
  • Screening patrol
  • Standing patrol
  • Reconnaissance patrol
  • Unmanned patrol
  • Much, much more

The TOMCAR® has now been in continual active development for over twenty years, and successfully serves numerous military and security forces in conflict zones across the world. TOMCAR® ’s unique credentials as an ultra-durable and highly functional off-road vehicle have also been endorsed by commercial users working in a wide range of demanding industries. A popular vehicle in military, commercial and consumer markets, there is simply nothing that compares to the TOMCAR®.