Special Forces

The TOMCAR® has the versatility to fulfill the needs of all types of special forces tactical operations, providing the performance, durability and mobility you need to ensure the success of your missions. The successful completion of any mission requires a vehicle that is battle-tested and proven to maximize maneuverability and enhance crew safety. Some of the unique features that make TOMCAR® the ideal special forces vehicle include:

  • Durable, fully-welded steel chassis with integral safety cell that is not bolted on.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum skid plate to protect the underside of the vehicle and enable easy mobility over rough terrain.
  • Low gear selector equipped with a differential lock that can be engaged while in motion.
  • Four-wheel independent suspension featuring an adjustable double-coil spring and heavy-duty A arms designed to bend, not break, under impact.
  • Extremely high ground clearance in rough terrain – even with heavy loads.
  • Payload capacity that is unmatched in the industry.

When in search of a vehicle that will provide the utmost mobility, storage and payload capacity, versatility and durability crucial to your mission’s success, look no further than a TOMCAR®.