Tomcar-based water purification unit presented to India by Israeli PM

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented a Tomcar-based mobile water purification unit to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a visit to India.

Netanyahu presented the water purification vehicle to Modi during a ceremony Jan. 17, 2018, on Netanyahu’s four-day visit to India.

In July 2017, the two leaders waded into the Mediterranean Sea, before checking out a demonstration of the mobile desalination unit on Olga Beach in Haifa, Israel, during Modi’s three-day visit to Israel. The Tomcar-based mobile desalination plant is capable of supplying drinking water to 22,000 people a day.

The rugged Gal-Mobile water purification unit is built on a Tomcar platform, allowing first responder teams to supply potable water in areas affected by floods, earthquakes, typhoons and other natural disasters.

The unit can purify up to 20,000 liters per day of sea water and 80,000 liters per day of brackish, muddy or contaminated river water and bring it to World Health Organization standards.