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Recreational Off-Road

TOMCAR® has become an extremely popular recreational vehicle for the American consumer—and with good reason. The TOMCAR® is safe, affordable and really, really fun. It has an impeccable safety record and is designed to be very easy to operate for drivers of all ages and experience levels. Featuring bucket seats with four-point safety harnesses and the only fully-welded steel roll cage in the industry, TOMCAR® is safe enough for the whole family to enjoy.

More maneuverable than a Jeep or SUV and much safer than an ATV or dirt bike, TOMCAR® is truly the ideal off-road vehicle for adventure seekers. Originally designed for military operations in battle, TOMCAR® is able cover even the most rugged terrain and capable of traveling at speeds of 50 miles per hour or more. Yet, TOMCAR®‘s adjustable, four-wheel independent suspension allows for a smooth, comfortable ride—no matter where your adventure takes you. Whether it’s through the woods, out to the desert or up into the mountains, TOMCAR® will take you wherever you want to go—and get you back safely.

No special training is required to operate a TOMCAR®. Because they are easy to repair and inexpensive to maintain, these vehicles won’t hurt your wallet either. So what are you waiting for? Contact your local dealer to arrange a test drive and experience the ride of your life today.

“Infinitely adjustable, dual-coil, hydraulic shocks absorbed the bumps with such ease that the passengers remain fresh at the end of the day, not bruised, abused, and tense like the poor saps faced with extended seat time in a typical side-by-side UTV.” — Russell Purcell, Canadian Driver Magazine

“Voted Best for the No-Compromises Adventurer.” — Car & Driver Magazine

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