Tomcar TE6

Ultra-Light Combat Vehicle

The Tomcar® TE6 platform is a full-time four-wheel drive gas and/or electric hybrid vehicle with unmatched long range and high payload for a variety of specific missions.

TE6 Highlights

Hybrid Electric Powertrain
600 miles operational range (60 miles electric/stealth range)
3,500-Pound Payload
Stealth Mode – Zero Thermal Signature (up to 60 miles “cold” running)

TE6 Primary Features

  • Up to 9 person seating capacity. 6 in cabin and 3 rear facing seats located in truck bed
  • 600 miles range – operational off road driving
  • Stealth mode- no thermal signature – up to 60 miles “cold” running
  • Unique parallel gas and electric drivetrain providing a total of 170H
  • Full time 4WD with central and rear axle hydraulic differential lock
  • Over 100% payload
  • 80% incline climb capability
  • 70 mph top speed
  • 1.5 Liter,110 HP gas engine
  • 72volt, 60 HP electric motorgenerator with 130 NMoftorquefrom0-3000RPM
  • Unique 10KW charge model
  • Regenerative braking
  • 4 Wheels independent suspension
  • 35.52 Square feet cargo area
  • 6 or 9 passenger configurations available
  • Full folding roll cage
  • 22 Gallon fuel tank
  • 72Volt,130 Amps/hour Lithium battery pack
  • 5 gallon auxiliary water tank
  • Front and rear cargo beds

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