Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The TOMCAR® has long been the go-to choice in military unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), which, as the name suggests, can operate without a human being on board. UGVs can be used for many applications where it may be inconvenient, dangerous, or simply impossible for the vehicle to be manned by a human operator. These unmanned vehicles are ideal for various types of operations, including:

  • Clearing an area for first responders
  • EOD/IED detection and neutralization
  • Inspection of confined or contaminated areas
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance missions
  • Transporting equipment to dismounted soldiers
  • UXO clearance
  • Civil security/anti-terrorism applications

UGVs offer many benefits for a wide variety of military applications, allowing for operations in low visibility situations during combat, aiding with security and patrol missions, and limiting troop exposure to numerous biological and man-made hazards.